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In January 2013 the Government launch its new energy efficient initiative to reduce the Carbon Emissions that households produce ever year.

Broadly speaking there are 3 different categories of funding that are available.


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Visit our Green Deal page for a step by step guide. Click Here


This initiative is funded by the Utilities as part of the countries obligation to comply with the Kyoto agreement. Key measures that are covered are.

  • Boilers (HHCRO)
  • External Wall Insulation (CERO)
  • Cavity Wall Insulation (CSCO and CERO)
  • Loft Insulation (CSCO and CERO)

Within ECO there are 3 main funding streams, each with different eligibility criteria.

To see if you or your home qualify please see below:

CERO – Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation

A property which requires remedial work to be carried out before the cavity wall insulation can take place.

  • Removal of rubble in cavities. (To avoid DPC being compromised).
  • Replacement of cracked bricks. (To avoid penetrating damp).
  • Re-pointing brickwork (To avoid penetrating damp).
  • Repair / replacement of broken gutters (To avoid penetrating damp).

Cavity Wall Insulation (Narrow Cavity)

  • Cavities which were historically deemed to be too narrow may now be eligible (40mm-49mm)

Cavity Wall Insulation (3 Storey Properties)

  • Properties which historically needed scaffold due to access issues.

Solid Wall (No Cavity)

Loft insulation can be installed under CERO as a secondary measure to the cavity wall insulation.

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CSCO – Carbon Saving Community Obligation

The CSCO targets private and social housing in low-income areas (Postcodes) as defined by the ECO order. Call our team today to see if you live in a CSCO area.

For more information call one of our team today on 01744 22331 or email

HHCRO – Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (Affordable Warmth)

It provides funding for home owners and private tenants that are in receipt of certain qualifying benefits.

  • State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit & household income of £15,860 or less.


  • Income Related Employment & Support Allowance.
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Income Support

Plus one of the following qualifying components:

  • Disabled child premium
  • Parental responsibility of a qualifying child
  • Pension premium, higher pension premium or enhanced pension premium
  • Disability premium, enhanced disability premium, or severe disability premium
  • Child tax credit which includes a disability element
  • Work related activity or support component.


  • Working Tax Credit

Plus one of the following qualifying components:

  • Age 60 or over
  • Parental responsibility of a qualifying child
  • Disabled worker element or severe disability element

For more information call one of our team today on: 01744 22331 or email:


The new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) is an innovative home energy efficiency scheme open to all householders from early June 2014, offering them a range of generous incentives up to a total value of £7,600 where they install certain energy saving home improvements.

Householders have choice of 2 core offers

  • Core Offer 1 – Up to £6000 for installing solid wall insulation
  • Core Offer 2 – Up to £1000 for installing two of the following measures

• Condensing mains gas boiler
• Fan-assisted storage heaters
• Flue Gas Heat Recovery
• Replacement warm-air unit
• Waste water heat recovery
• Cavity wall insulation
• Flat roof insulation
• Floor insulation
• Room-in-roof insulation
• Double/triple glazing (replacing single glazing)
• Secondary glazing
• Energy efficient replacement doors

Householders will be able to claim both elements should their property be suitable.

In addition a customer will be able to claim:

  • GDAR refund of up to £100 for their Green Deal Assessment Report
  • Homebuyers’ bonus of up to £500 if they have moved home in the 12 months prior to application.

Potentially this means that householders could get up to £7,600 back on incentives covering a range of 13 energy efficiency improvements, including solid wall insulation, new heating systems and glazing.

For more information on any of the above funding schemes, please call one of our team today on 01744 22331 or email