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Green Deal

What is Green Deal?

Green Deal was launched in January 2013 and applies to both the domestic and non-domestic buildings. It allows you to undertake energy efficient improvements and pay for them through your electricity meter, using the savings that you make by having that work done.

What sort of work can I have done?

There are actually 45 different measures that you can have done under Green Deal, these include:

  • Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation
  • External Wall Insulation
  • Heating and Hot Water
  • Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic.

So what’s the first step?

As a fully accredited Green Deal Provider (GDP), Bartons can arrange for an independent Green Deal Assessment to be carried out on your home.

So what will they be doing as part of the Assessment?

The assessor will initially look at the existing fabric of the building, how it is insulated and how it is heated. From this they can provide some recommendations on how your property can be improved with adding certain insulation and energy efficient products.

Coupled with this they will undertake a full occupancy assessment on the persons living in the property. This will include analysing gas and electric bills to ascertain consumption and prices paid. The assessor will also try to build an overall picture of your living ‘habits’ down to when and how long you have you central heating on!

All this information will allow the assessor to provide a Green Deal Report which will outline recommendations, but also the associated cost savings that can be made by having those measures done.

Ok, that sounds good, so what’s next?

Depending on what work you want carrying out you must obtain a quotation from a Green Deal Approved Installer.

As a fully accredited Green Deal Installer Bartons will be only too happy to send one of our surveyors to visit you home and provide a free no obligation quotation.

Once you have all you quotations the Green Provider will create a Green Deal Plan.

So what does that mean?

Basically, Bartons (The GDP) will prepare a finance package. This will detail the repayments which will be added to your electricity payments (via your meter) to cover the cost of having the work carried out. It is our obligation to ensure that we seek current Green Deal funding initiatives i.e. ECO and Green Deal Cash-back to subsidise the work when we compile the finance package for you.

As part of our due diligence, no Green Deal Plans will proceed unless savings made by having the measure(s) installed exceed the repayments in the first year. This is known as the Golden Rule.

The Green Deal Plan will be presented to you for your consideration and a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period is provided for you to consider the proposal.

Excellent! Still happy what happens then?

Documents are signed and installation dates are booked. Work is completed, checked and signed off. The installation is handed over for you to enjoy the benefits of having the work installed.

As the Green Deal Provider, Bartons will take care of the rest. As part of our duty we will notify the energy companies of the work carried out which will trigger the charges to your meter to commence.

Independent and impartial advice about the Green Deal can also be
obtained on 0300 123 1234 or at