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Renewable Energy

What are Photovoltaic (PV) Panels?

In simple terms, Photovoltaic Panels are panels which contain crystals that convert solar energy into DC electricity. This electricity is then converted into an AC current, which is the recognized form of electricity we all use in our homes. The benefit is that your electricity supplier will pay you for the electricity you generate via a Feed In Tariff (FIT), regardless of whether you use it or not!

How do I apply for the Feed in Tariff (FITs)?

You must have your PV panels installed by a MCS Accredited installer who can process your application. Bartons of Duke Street are proud to confirm that we hold all necessary qualifications and expertise to install your PV Panels.

What are the financial benefits of having Photovoltaic Panels installed?

  • Up to £1000 combined tax free income and savings per annum*
  • Up to 6% annual return on your initial investment*
  • Up to £40,000 cumulative tax free income / savings over the next 25 years*

Assumes energy prices will only rise with inflation… WHICH WE KNOW IS UNLIKELY TO HAPPEN!

* All calculations are based on SAP 2009 calculations. Incomes and returns are based on a 2.5 kW installation. Average installations vary from £6000-£6500 per kW, subject to a technical survey by one of our in house assessors.

Why choose Bartons to install your Photovoltaic Panels?

  • Approved Photovoltaic Installer under the MCS Accreditation
  • Fitted by our own in house engineers
  • Full office back up
  • £5m Public Liability Insurance
  • Long establish company with proven track record for quality
  • Supporters of the be local buy local campaign
  • Free No Obligation quotes

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Subject, to terms and conditions.

See What We Can Do For You

We offer free impartial advice and a technical survey on the suitability of your home for Photovoltaic Panels to be installed by one of our teams.